125 years of Greeks in Pitsburgh

A large and multi-day festive program organized at the initiative of the American Hellenic Foundation of Western Pennsylvania (AHFWP) in the American county of historic Alghena in honor of the 125th Anniversary of the establishment of the first Greek immigrants in the area.

The program was launched by the Byzantine Dance of the Metropolitan Church of Pittsburgh under the direction of the Doctor Dr. Nikos Giannakakis, who presented the theme “The Anastasimatarion of Ioannes Protopsaltes – A Story of Uniter Immigrant” and followed an official meeting at the Pittsburgh City Hall where the Anniversary of the 125th Anniversary of the Greeks was published, which honored the City Council.

In the conference – in the presence of numerous representatives of the AHEPA, GAPA, Pan-Icarian Brotherhood, Pan-Cretan Fraternity, Greek Nationality Room Committee of the National Rooms Program at the University of Pittsburgh, etc. – Speaked by Mayor William Peduto who highlighted the role and involvement of Greek immigrants in the development of the city and the wider economic area and thanked those present for their distinguished contribution to the emergence of Pittsburgh as a world-class high-tech medical center, export of new models of business excellence and above all as a place of cultivation of the spirit of hosting immigrants and refugees.

In the first ten days of the New Year, the Metropolitan of Pitsburg, Savva, opened and functioned in the Central Hall of the Town Hall (with the impressive architecture of the Ancient Greek Colonnade) an exhibition of historical documents from the life and work of the first Greek immigrants titled ” We are also Immigrants: Memorizing and Celebrating the 125 Years of the Trip from Greece to Pittsburgh, 1893-2018 “

During the exhibition, Mayor Peduto presented an open reception and expressed the wish for a future twinning of Pittsburgh with a Greek city, which will undertake to complete the American Hellenic Foundation of Western Pennsylvania (AHFWP) in 2020 in cooperation with the European Center Art (EUARCE) of Greece.


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